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"HaTov SheBa'adam"  - The Good in Mankind

HaTov SheBa'adam is a unique program created by Merhav Amit ("Fellowship Zone") and is commissioned by the Ministry of Education. It is intended to empower the good in humanity, through listening to the child's inner voice as a way of life.


In the "Fellowship Zone", our children and team members experience, learn, and live the good qualities in people, in ourselves. The inner truth is the quiet, powerful voice which exists within us. It is the nucleus from which the plant grows and evolves, to offer us its shade and fruit.


Our objective is to highlight to each child the good qualities that exist within them, their ideas, and their inner truth, and to empower them. We aim to show them how unique and special they are and illustrate how much good is in their surroundings, family, and friends.


We bring up and discuss topics which we have been developing over time, such as an inner voice, friendship, being conscious in our actions, truth, and doing good in the world.


We focus on the essence of forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, compassion and more. These and other measures foster a sense of capability, personal and social responsibility in the child.


This social-emotional program taught in the school emphasizes diversity, acceptance, care, and tolerance. Children are offered lessons in the different fields, alongside instruction and interpretation offered by the educational team and then continue to apply them in their daily community lives.


All of the above is carried out with great love, patience, and understanding that each child is unique, special, and has tremendous power to make a difference in the world.

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