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Forest School

We believe that a child's contact with nature is critical for positive and empowering development. Connecting with nature and acquiring outdoor skills, and not just classroom skills, is an integral part of the essence of Makom Lahlom.


Our Forest School vision started at a school in Finland, where children gather every morning in a forested area, around a campfire, and start their day by drinking hot tea. Slowly and quietly they come together and begin the day ahead.

In the meantime, until we are able to start a campfire every morning, we go out on an outdoor learning day once a week, every week, in which ancient secrets and skills are taught.

Rain or shine, children come to Makom Lahlom in the morning and prepare their forest gear - water, food, first-aid kit, floor mat and cooking utensils, and embark on their journey in a long, cheerful human-like convoy.

Breakfast is in the outdoors, and then lunch is prepared and cooked on an open fire. Children also carve their own utensils. Our Forest School also observes animals, plants, and the whole world around them. Children get to learn and practice outdoor skills, hone their sense of orientation, and enjoy new experiences offered by our skilled staff.


We believe, and indeed have observed that when children are outdoors, in nature, with no stresses, outdoor learning gives them a sense of calm, freedom, and inner self growth. Coming into touch with sand and mud, climbing trees, walking in the open fields; all these elements strengthen the different bodily systems of each child.

Idan, our pre-school teacher, is the leader of our Forest School program. His connection with the outdoors is part of his personality and overall being.

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