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Who We Are

Makom Lahlom (a Place to Dream) was founded in September 2018 by a group of educators and parents in search of an alternative form of education.


Together we built a progressive education facility based on three elements - the Montessorian teaching method, Forest School and an emotional-ethical program called "HaTov SheBaadam"  (the Good in Mankind) in collaboration with Merhav Amit

("Fellowship Zone").

Click Our Program to learn more. 

A preschool classroom will operate during the 2019/20 school year for children aged 3-6, as well as a multi-cohort first and second grade class. This will serve as a basis for growth over the following years up to a full education center covering all ages from 3 years of age through the 6th grade, classified as a recognized informal education center (under the supervision of the Ministry of Education).


We perceive each and every child as a seed we’re obliged to water, nourish and encourage to grow. Just like a plant, so is a child’s soul. There are no two alike. We want each person to be authentic, to be who they are designed to be, within the educational environment.


We believe...


  • In the child and in their inner good. In their aspiration for truth, justice, equality, fairness, honesty, forgiveness, and ongoing improvement.

  • In developing each child's inner world, character, and personality and in shaping the child's personality toward independence.

  • That an adult is not superior to a child. Therefore, more than we come to teach, we come to investigate, and learn from children.

  • In mentors, not teachers. This is an essential difference, not a semantic one - we believe in grown-ups who serve as instructors, guiding the child in their independent inquiry.


  • In investigating and learning about mankind and the universe, in the love of our land and nature.


And, before anything else, in Creating a place where the child belongs in the broadest terms possible, a family-like place offering security and love, allowing for growth and expansion.

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